Harga Mobil KIA Visto

Harga Mobil KIA Visto here is the average price of the Big City Like: Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Surabaya, Semarang, Makassar, Denpasar from various stores and authorized Dealers.

KIA Visto Spesification detail

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KIA Visto 1.0 M/T 2000 – 2004 45 – 55
KIA Visto 1.0 A/T 2000 – 2004 50 – 60

Information Summary
Kia Motors Corporation is bursting back on to car markets all over the world with a raft of new products that, as well as including conventional cars, commercials and four-wheel-drives, also presents some extraordinary new concepts. EVZZCGWB9J3N

Visto is KIA deliciously cute mini car aimed at young, image-conscious buyers who live in the city. It’s a frisky fashion statement in bold, solid colours that’s inexpensive to buy and run. It looks like a million dollars and it’s selling like diet plans during fashion week.

With a flying wedge belt-line, huge, wrap-around headlights, a slatted radiator grille and a top-deck spoiler presiding over its stubby rear-end, the Visto is brilliantly slippery through the air as well as being a dynamite looker.