Harga Mobil Isuzu D-Max

Harga Mobil Isuzu D-Max here is the average price of the Big City Like: Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Surabaya, Semarang, Makassar, Denpasar from various stores and authorized Dealers.

Isuzu D-Max Spesification detail

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Single Cab 257.300.000
Double Cab 297.000.000
Rodeo LS 325.000.000

Information Summary
Isuzu D-Max is another Isuzu cars used for transportation besides Pickup. Isuzu D-Max has proven excellence in various fields, including mining and plantations.

Reputation of the D-Max’s performance as a heavy field explorer is no doubt. Nothing wrong with this car of choice of moving companies in mining and plantations. The reliability of these vehicles have been proven by many of them in the mining sector.

In Indonesia, the D-Max is more widely used for mining of approximately 85 percent. Because the specific needs of mining such as power, chassis, and suspension are very satisfied for users.